Nuestro pintxo del mes: La Gilda

Un pincho llamado Gilda hecho con guindillas, una oliva y un filete de Anchoas Maisor

Learn the history of the most popular pintxo in San Sebastian: The Gilda.

One of the attractions that most tourists look for in the bars and taverns of the Basque Country is the popular and tasty “pintxo” (tapa), an appetizer served as a starter and is the ideal companion of a conversation and a good wine.

Because our anchovies, boquerones, mackerel, white tuna’s belly and loins, and sardines are key ingredients of these delicious snacks, we have decided to offer a suggestion of pintxo elaborated with our Maisor products.

We started our campaign “Pintxo of the Month” with a very typical “pintxo” of San Sebastián: The Gilda.

In 1946 the film “Gilda” was premiered, played by the actress Rita Hayworth, and in the bar Casa Vallés from San Sebastián one of their clients, Joaquín Aramburu, known as “Txepetxa” baptized with the name of the main character of the film to a combination of Ibarra’s peppers, olives and anchovies that he made. As he said: “because it was salty (charming), green (dirty) and a little spicy, like Gilda .

The pintxo liked so much that quickly became popular in most of the bars and taverns of San Sebastian and then across northern Spain.

Prepare the Gilda at home is very simple.

First take a toothpick and go stringing it a couple of Ibarlur’s pepper from Ibarra, then a Maisor anchovy filet and finish with an olive of your preference.

The result is an intensely flavored and fresh pintxo, ideal to accompany with a very cold txakoli from Getaria.

Needless to say that if you want to experience this delicious appetizer, shop at our online store and you will have the ingredients at home within 24 hours.

Those who are closer can visit our shop at the port of Getaria and take the ingredients and other typical delicacies of the area.

In December we will introduce a new “Pintxo of the Month” with another delicious Maisor product.

Bon appetit!