Recipe for MAISOR ventresca with piquillo peppers

“Artzape” magazine, a local publication in Getaria, asked us to share a recipe with its readers for its ‘Delicias del pueblo’ section and we sent them a simple but exquisite recipe, made with our MAISOR white tuna belly and piquillo peppers.

We wanted to publish it here so that all our customers can enjoy it and make it at home to share with friends over a glass of Txakoli from Getaria. You can use it as a starter or as an aperitif.

Let’s go now!

Receta. Ventresca de bonito con pimientos de piquillo


Start by cutting the red piquillo peppers into strips and set them aside.
Open a can of MAISOR white tuna belly tuna. Separate the tuna belly into thin slices and place on the plate.

After slightly heating the piquillo pepper strips, place them on the plate, alternating them with the tuna belly.

Add a drizzle of olive oil.


White tuna belly fillets MAISOR.

Red piquillo peppers.
Olive oil.

We hope you enjoy this recipe and, if you want to make it at home, you can buy MAISOR White Tuna Belly at our online shop, as well as MAISOR anchovies, MAISOR White Tuna and Txakoli from Getaria.