Anchoas Maisor buys the first tons of anchovies from Getaria

As part of a first batch, which can be enjoyed towards the end of 2011, Anchoas Maisor begins to make its Getaria anchovies in olive oil.

Anchoas de Getaria entrando en la fábrica de Anchoas Maisor

Anchovies from Getaria entering the Anchoas Maisor factory

For Anchoas Maisor, this recently inaugurated second year of the campaign has started off on a very good footing. After the generous catches prior to the coast, the anchovy that has arrived at the port of Getaria has been improving in size and the quality continues to be excellent.

The long 4-year ban on the species engraulis encrasicholus (Cantabrian anchovy) and suffered hard by the Basque arrantzales, has allowed generous catches in these last 2 years on the coast, auguring good prospects until the end of the campaign, in June of this year.

“The official start of the campaign has brought an anchovy of good size and excellent quality. The catches have improved in quantity and quality, so an excellent 2011 campaign is expected”, says Sorkunde Iribar, Administrator of Maisor Anchovies.

The first tons purchased at the Getaria fish market have already entered the factory to begin the salting process. After a minimum of 6 months of remaining in barrels with salt, and after reaching its optimal point of maturation, “we will begin the process of cleaning, filleting and packaging in olive oil in our workshop in the port of Getaria. Complying with our traditional process, which is characterized by the careful preparation and cleaning of each fillet, we guarantee an incomparable flavor and texture, which added to the characteristics of this year’s anchovy, will result in a product of the highest quality.” says Sorkunde Iribar.

“Towards the end of 2011 we will already have for sale in our stores in the port of Getaria and Orio the anchovy from the current coast. We guarantee sales to our customers outside the province of Guipúzcoa, simultaneously with the launch in physical stores, in our online store at, and within 24 hours they will be able to enjoy the benefits of Getaria Maisor Anchovies. ”

With more than 11 years of experience in the Cantabrian anchovy semi-preserve sector, Anchoas Maisor has become a reference in the market for quality, cleanliness of the fillet, unmatched texture and flavor. Anchovies and mackerel in vinegar are products that complete the catalog they offer, and for which they have gained recognized prestige in the local and national market.

The Anchoas Maisor facilities have a workshop where the semi-preserves are made, and a shop
next door, ITSASMENDI gutiziak, where you can find the different formats of anchovies, as well as
the most typical products of Basque gastronomy. The store is of tourist interest by allowing customers to see the production process live, through the windows that communicate with the workshop.


MAISOR – La experiencia del Cantábrico (formerly ITSASMENDI gutiziak) is a MAISOR Kontserbak, S.L. company, specialized in the production and
commercialization of semi-preserves from the freshest fish in season. MAISOR – The Cantabrian experience is committed to the quality of the product and the craftsmanship, according to traditional customs.