Smoked olive oil by Keia 25 cl

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It is an extra virgin olive oil extracted by first cold pressing exclusively by mechanical procedures and in less than an hour from its collection to avoid in this way its oxidation. Once extracted, it is transferred to Keia so that the smoking is carried out while the oil is still as fresh as possible. Finally, it is smoked with smoke from oak and beech using a method devised by KEIA to keep the qualities of the oil intact and thus avoid oxidation.

The idea and refinement of the smoking technique carried out by Keia began 20 years ago, when the now prestigious gourmet Kepa Freire Ortueta had the opportunity to learn about and develop this cold smoking technique in Finland.

La idea i depuració de la tècnica de fumat duta a terme per Keia va començar fa 20 anys, quan l’avui prestigiós gastrònom Kepa Freire Ortueta va tenir l’oportunitat de conèixer i desenvolupar aquesta tècnica de fumat en fred a Finlàndia.

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Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil and noble wood smoke.

Producer: Keia. Lemoa – BIZKAIA

Presentación : 25 cl.

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