Ameztoi 2023, Txakoli of Getaria A.O.

10,00  , V.A.T. incl.

The Txakoli that bears the family seal, 5 generations making Txakoli Ameztoi. A Txakoli that engages.

A classic txakoli. Young, crystalline and fresh white wine. Easy to drink, to brighten up any day of the year.

Vibrant and refreshing that combines perfectly with shellfish and fish of all kinds and white meat prepared on the grill. Excellent with oysters, sushi or fish tempuras.


Txakoli from Getaria, apellation of origin.

Alcoholic degree: 11%.

Variety: 100% Hondarrabi Zuri.

Tasting: Drink fresh, 6/10º.

Content: 75cl.

Allergens: Contains Sulfites.

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Weight 1,200 kg