Espelette Peppers Jelly

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It is a jam without pieces that contains mostly Espelette Chile, it is an essential ingredient of Basque Cuisine. It is a tasty sauce with long-lasting aromas.

Espelette's chilli pepper jelly is ideal to combine with your sweet and savory dishes. For example:
– serve it with sheep cheese or foie gras, it will enhance the flavor of all your dishes.
– test, to deglaze a pan.
– It is a perfect sauce to use as a base for your sweet and salty cuisine.
– as an accompaniment to the dish with meats and roasts.
– use Espellete chilli pepper jelly instead of honey during cooking.


Ingredients: Espelette AOP Chili Pepper 27%, Vinegar, Sugar, water, gelling agent: pectin.
Origin : All the ingredients come from the Basque Country
Producer: BiPiA

Nutritional values ​​per 100 grams:
Energetic value: 776 kJ / 186 kcal.
Total Fat: 0.08 g / of which saturated 0 g.
Carbohydrates: 45 g / of which sugars: 43 g.
Proteins: 0.08g.
Salt: 0 g.

Once opened, keep in the fridge. 12 months.

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