Espelette Chili Pepper Puree 180g

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Espelette chili pepper puree is the favourite product of the chili pepper connoisseurs. Spicy and full of flavours, it is commonly used in the traditional Basque cuisine.
Espelette chili pepper puree can be used instead of pepper and mustard to give more flavour to your barbecues, pasta, rice, mash potatoes, eggs, sandwiches and salad dressing.


Ingredients: Espelette chili peppers, vinegar, salt
Origine: All ingredients come from the Basque Country
Producer: BiPiA
Nutritional values per 100 grams:
Energetic value: 259 kJ / 62 kcal.
Total Fats: 1.20 g.
Carbohydrates: 11 g.
Proteins: 1.60 g.
Salt: 2.50 g.

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