HONTZA – ecological, biodynamic and natural wine

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It is inspired by the wines that a century ago rested in the Labraza cellars. A naked and undistorted wine that honestly collects in each bottle the specificity of the broken landscape of the Rioja Alavesa.

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Producer: Hontza

Origin: Rioja Alavesa

Strain: 60% tempranillo 40% garnacha negra

Presentation: 75 cl

Provider: Biba Ardoak

Iker García is the son of a winegrower and after several years training theoretically and practically in different parts of Europe he finally decides to return home where he begins to convert his father’s vineyards to organic. At the moment there are already 12 certified hectares that include vines between 30 and over 90 years old.

Iker develops an artisanal and peasant winery project located in the small town of Labraza where until now there were no wineries that commercialized wine.

Its commitment to natural and cultural heritage has motivated a way of life, of cultivating and producing live wines that express the typical nature of the territory.

The agriculture it develops is based on the principles of biodynamics, with preparations of natural origin, homeopathic and collected from its environment. During the elaboration it follows the same principles, with indigenous yeasts and without acidifications or sulphides in fermentation, minimizing the intervention.

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