Txakoli vinegar Ttantta

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Young vinegar from the Talai Berri (Zarautz) txakolí winery, without aging, so once the wine has been transformed into vinegar, it is bottled to preserve its freshness and strength.

Pale yellow. On the nose stand out the fruity aromas of the Hondarribi Zuri grape variety and in the mouth the acidity is intense, not aggressive and with some citrus notes.

Talai-Berri vinegar is very suitable for dressing all kinds of salads as well as for seasoning sauces that need to enhance their flavor.


Ingredients: Wine vinegar, antioxidant: potassium bisulfite. Contains sulfites.


Content: 250ml

Origin: Talai-Berri S.L. – Zarautz – Gipuzkoa

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