Who we are


We are a company specialized in the artisan elaboration of canned anchovies, made with the freshest fish from local boats and exclusively from spring season. We are committed to the quality of the product, the cleanliness of the fillet, exquisite flavor and texture, and the artisan elaboration, following the traditional customs that have made Getaria a reference in the elaboration of anchovies.

Our goal is that you can enjoy anchovies as homemade, and make you feel the taste, texture and cleanliness of a good quality product.

We have received the “Glutton Award 2010 to the Craft Producer that makes things right”, given by the Association The Glutton Club, “for having made a real strategic change worth mentioning. They have faced the crisis by changing and creating new solutions, adapting to changes in demand. “

We want to be an example for others, showing that things can be done well being small and having clear ideas.


Anchovies Maisor, quality guarantee

  • We buy the best quality anchovies from the auction made in Getaria.
  • We make our preserves with the freshest anchovies of the day.
  • We use exclusively anchovies from the Cantabrian sea and spring season.
  • Optimal fillet cleaning.
  • Exquisite texture and flavor, fruit of a well-made ripening.
  • Completely handmade.
  • We only use salt and olive oil as natural preservatives.


Anchoas Maisor recibe el Distintivo Compromiso de Calidad Turística

In addition, our company, through its store in the port of Getaria has been recognized with the seal “Commitment of Tourist Quality”. A recognition for our good work, our customer orientation, and for giving the greatest importance to the quality of our products, and the service we provide. The seal certifies the fulfillment of the requirements established within the Integral System of Tourist Quality in Destination and recognizes our effort and commitment to quality and continuous improvement.