In MAISOR, we elaborate artisanal canned fish and our existence depends on fishing, which means a good state of health of marine ecosystems, biodiversity, their habitats and the interactions between them.


Responsibility and commitment are our hallmarks. Our artisan canning activity is based on these 3 pillars: sustainable fishing, the responsible use of fishing resources and maximum respect for the environment.

The species we work with are 100% from the Cantabrian Sea and we always prioritize to buy fish to Getaria coastal fleet, with the MSC sustainable fishing seal. We guarantee the local origin of the product and the use of fishing techniques that are more sustainable and respectful of the marine habitat (encircling nets andpole-and-line gear).

For the purchase of other products (oils, salts, vinegars, jars, packaging …) we always prioritize local or proximity suppliers; and recycled and recyclable materials.


In collaboration with the University of the Basque Country and the Elkano Foundation, we have performed the analysis of the life cycle of our anchovy in olive oil, calculating the carbon footprint to know the environmental impact of this product throughout its life cycle; from anchovy fishing, to the end of life of the final product.

Knowing in depth the life cycle of our products, allows us to focus more on those aspects to improve. We are committed to circular economy strategies, to optimize the resources used, reduce our environmental impact and make our business activity increasingly sustainable.

In this way, we want to contribute to the 2030 agenda of the UN sustainable development goals.

Priority sustainable development goals for MAISOR: