Txakolin Eguna, the festival of the new harvest of “Txakoli from Getaria”

Cartel de getariko txakolina
January 17, like every year, will be a great day in Getaria, and as they continue to say around here “San Anton, bixigua monton!”, reminding us that this fish that we eat today on specific dates was a long time ago, a everyday dish. Even then they would accompany the sea bream with txakoli, but after the creation of the Denomination of Getariako Txakolina Origin In the 90s, San Antón Day became Txakoli Day, .

Green Friday, committed to local commerce and artisanal brands

green friday?
The Green Friday celebration does not have a date marked on the calendar. The objective of Green Friday is to appeal to responsible and sustainable consumption throughout the year, not just during the Black Friday celebration. While it is true, the maximum visibility and diffusion of Green Friday occurs on the last Friday of November and as an alternative to Black Friday. On Green Friday we can participate by promoting responsible consumption and sustainable .

Visit of “chefs” from the city of Tours (Indre et Loire).

Visita de "chefs" de la ciudad de Tours
This past February 21, a group of “chefs” from the city of Tours visited our workshop where they had the opportunity to prepare, side by side with our team, their own anchovies in oil. ” … pour vous adresser nos sincères remerciements, pour votre disponibilité, votre accueil, l’organisation et la générosité lors de la réception de notre groupe, sincères remerciements à vos collaboratrices pour leurs démonstrations, cordialement”. À bientôt, chers amis! ikusi arte!

A FLEET AND A BAR IN EVERY PORT (Port-gastronomic report in the north of the Spain)

The netters are often seen, on the piers or on their ship, if the weather is bad or if the mending is tricky. Some juicy anchovies from Maisor, bought in their store, will be the best souvenir in Getaria. In the mornings it is possible to see through a glass how the women prepare their delicious anchovies.
Guillermo Esaín. Coastal journalist https://elpais.com/elviajero/2022-11-13/de-la-lonja-al-plato-donde-y-que-comer-en-los-puertos-de-la-costa-norte-con-mas-encanto.html


¿Ha oído alguna vez hablar sobre el garum? ¿Conoce este potenciador natural de sabor? Pues le sorprenderá saber que fue uno de los productos alimentarios más apreciado y extendido de la Antigua Roma. En MAISOR hemos querido recuperar la famosa salsa de pescado creada hace más de 2.000 años y daros la oportunidad de disfrutar de una nueva experiencia. Darió Bernal Casasola, el catedrático de arqueología de la Universidad de Cádiz, en una entrevista .

MAISOR is one of the 50 TOP Experiences of the Basque Country.

MAISOR is one of the 50 TOP Experiences of the Basque Country.
When we founded the company 15 years ago our main goal was to rescue one of Getaria’s most important traditions. We wanted to bring the quality of our ancestors way of ellaborating fish products to everyone’s table. Two years ago we went one step further on our idea of making this tradition closer to the people: we started offering experiences to our clients so they could live the anchovy making process from the inside. .