Txakolin Eguna, the festival of the new harvest of “Txakoli from Getaria”

January 17, like every year, will be a great day in Getaria, and as they continue to say around here “San Anton, bixigua monton!”, reminding us that this fish that we eat today on specific dates was a long time ago, a everyday dish. Even then they would accompany the sea bream with txakoli, but after the creation of the Denomination of
Getariako Txakolina Origin In the 90s, San Antón Day became Txakoli Day, taking advantage of the presentation of each new harvest as an argument to publicize the local drink.

Getaria is the land of txakoli and more and more people are enjoying this festival, the gastronomic experience and the numerous cultural events that are organized throughout the week.

If you are far away, we suggest organizing your own San Antón day.
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