Maisor Experiences


If you are someone who enjoys tasting a good anchovy, we offer a unique experience where you learn how to prepare authentic Cantabrian anchovies in oil, using completely traditional techniques.

Furthermore, you will take home the anchovies you make!

We will end with a very local tasting: anchovy, white tuna and a glass of txakolí (local white wine).

Price: 50 €; children below 12 years old 20 €
Length: 2 hours.
Calendar: first saturday of each month

Groups: min. 2 people; max. 10.
: 10:30
: Our workshop, right in Getaria’s port.

*Ideal for families

Requires booking in advance.*

(*) Book in advance on phone +34 943 140 993.
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taller MAISOR


If you are a lover of canned fish, do not miss this visit where we tell you how we elaborate in our small workshop the anchovy in oil and vinegar, the maquerell, smoked fish…

You will discover how laborious is the elaboration of the anchovy in oil and if you dare, you can even fillet your own anchovy.

We will end with a very local tasting: anchovy, white tuna and a glass of txakolí (local white wine).

* Ideal for families

Price:  22 € (children under 12 years 7 €)
Duration: 1 hour
Availability: every Friday
Meeting time: 10:30 eng/fr | 11:30 eusk/fr
Groups: maximum 12 people
Meeting point: Our workshop at the port of Getaria.

Visits are also made upon request. Ask for conditions

Requires booking in advance.*


Artisan hands filleting Cantabrian anchovy, live. Great show for the eyes and the palate, which wears, certainly, any ceremony or event.

If you love anchovies, why not include it during your big day´s meal?

Putting food corners at a wedding or event is an attractive option for your guests, since each one can serve themselves to their liking.

Anchovy is an elegant and perfect meal to serve as an aperitif during a wedding or event cocktail. It is not by chance that it is the favorite ingredient of many sommeliers to combine it with the best wines.

In addition, our hands cleaning at the time each fillet one by one, is a spectacle not only for the palate, but also for the eyes. An original way to surprise your guests.

Availability: All year long.

Price: Check prices.



A unique opportunity to get to know Getaria’s treasures in a morning.

The experience includes:

– Visit to Maisor

– Visit to Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum

– Visit to Gaintza winery

– Local products tasting

From May to September: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
From October to December and April: Saturdays

Duration: 3h 30m

Group conditions: Minimum 6 and maximum 20 people. Up to 2 guides can be contracted simultaneously

Price per person: € 39 (from 6 to 10 people) € 33 (from 11 to 15 people) € 30 (from 16 to 20 people)

Languages: Euskera, Spanish, English

Reservations and more information



This complete experience will allow you to discover Getaria by land and sea. In addition to knowing our workshop of artisanal fish preserves, you will know the Gaintza txakolí winery, where after touring its vineyards and winery, you will taste its exquisite txakolí accompanied by our traditional MAISOR preserves.

The experience includes:

– Visit to Maisor

– Visit to  Gaintza winery

– Local products tasting

Days: from Monday to Saturday

Duration: 2h 30m

Group conditions: Minimum 6 and maximum 12 people.

Price per person 30 €

Languages: Euskera, Spanish, English

Time and starting point: 10:15 in Maisor

Reserva tu plaza para la visita


You can not leave Getaria without having sailed through the Cantabrian Sea and having seen the impressive Flysch of the Geopark; an open book where geologists can read the passage of millions of years.

Start the day sailing for two hours on the yacht with Borja, a very interesting person who will tell you all about fishing in this area. You will arrive navigating to Flysch de Zumaia.

When you get back to the Getaria port, we will wait for you in Maisor with an hamaiketako (brunch): our rich artisan preserves and very cold txakolí.

The experience includes:

– 2-hour boat trip on the Getari yacht, from the port of Getaria to Flysch de Zumaia and back to Getaria.

– 1 hour visit to Maisor with tasting of anchovy, bonito and txakoli

Days: tuesday, friday and sunday

Duration: 3h 30m

Group conditions: maximum 9 people.

Price: contact us for availability and rates

Languages: ​​Euskera, Spanish, English

Time and point of departure: 10:00 Puerto Deportivo de Getaria