Ibarra´s green pepper Agiña 370 ml

5,50  , I.V.A. incl.

The Ibarra Chili or organic Piparra, the traditional flavor of always with the best quality. You will love it if you have a palate accustomed to pronounced flavors. Longer and more acidic, they also have tender meat and thin skin.

Product covered by the name EUSKO LABEL. They are only found in the Basque Country due to its geographical and meteorological conditions.


INGREDIENTS: Ibarra chilli, wine vinegar, salt, acidulant (E-330), antioxidant (E-300) and sodium sulphite preservative. Contains SULFITES.

Net weight: 335gr.

Drained weight: 130gr.

Nutritional information (for 100g of drained product):
Energetic value: 92kj/22kcal
Fat: 0g / Of which saturated: 0g
Carbohydrates: 0g / Of which sugars: 0g
Dietary fiber: 3g
Proteins: 0.9g
Salt: 0.73g

Prepared by: Agiña Piperrak S.L.

Chili pepper size: between 8 and 9 cm.

Expiration: see packaging, 2 years from the packaging date.

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