Boletus in olive oil Ondare

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Boletus with an incredible flavor, ideal to accompany your best dishes of meat, game, rice, scrambled eggs …

All Ondare products are made by hand in the workshop of Mutriku (Gipuzkoa) with a very special philosophy: all the raw materials are of the highest quality from the nearby farmhouses (products from Km 0 – Slowfood), boosting the economy local and local products. In total, some thirty villages in the area provide Ondare to develop their seasonal products.


Ingredients: Boletus edulis, olive oil and salt.

Origin: Mutriku – Gipuzkoa

Net weight: 235 grams

Drained weight: 210 gr

Nutritional values per 100 grams:
Energetic value: 595.8 kJ / 142.3 kcal.
Total Fat: 13.62g / of which saturated: 1.83g.
Carbohydrates: 1.33 g / of which sugars: 0.0 g.
Proteins: 3.61 g.
Salt: 0.27 g.

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